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Large Unit Dosage Trolley

Ref: Sun-DT8/UDS
Dimensions: 1090mm (H) x 820mm (W) x 540mm (D)

  • Pull-out shelves with finger recess
  • Pull-out work surface
  • Adjustable height door shelves
  • Pull-out A4 storage tray
  • Locking door with folding key
  • Integrated cup, pill cup and water jug recesses
  • Integrated pen recess
  • Push and pull handle, bin & medi rail
  • All round protective rail
  • Twin wheel front braked castors
  • 3 shelves with 3 wide trays and 9 dividers
  • 3 shelves with 6 narrow trays and 18 dividers
  • Standard tray capacity provides 54 compartments
  • Up to 135 compartments can be acheived by fitting additional dividers
  • Six adjustable height door shelves
  • Storage tray and shelf for patients record file

Large Unit Dosage Trolley

Trolley Accessories

Additional Door Key
Item Code: FPD-06454
Security Leash
Item Code: FPD-06456
Additional 2.5Ltr Bin and Bracket
Item Code: FPD-06457
Additional Narrow Trays, Labels and Dividers
Item Code: FPD-12039
Additional Wide Trays, Labels and Dividers
Item Code: FPD-12040
Alcohol Gel Holder includes medi-rail
Item Code: FPD-12041
Sharps Box Bracket (Daniels) includes Medi-Rail
Item Code: FPD-12042
Sharps Box Bracket (Frontier) up to 1 Litre includes Medi-Rail
Item Code: FPD-12043
Sharps Box Bracket (Frontier) 2 & 3 Litre includes Medi-Rail
Item Code: FPD-12044
Glove Box Holder includes Medi-Rail
Item Code: FPD-12046